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Spanish Lessons

There are various levels of Spanish language courses I offer, depending on your current level I will create an exclusive personal course to improve your Spanish. Beginners are also welcome. You can learn the very basics of Spanish, like simple words and grammar, but also very specific language tricks, as well as urban words and slang used in Spain. Courses can be adjusted to your necessities, just tell me which field of vocabulary you want to focus on and we will create a specific course.

The main purpose of these courses is to improve the pronunciation, your vocabulary and grammar skills. I offer as well advanced grammar lessons, similar to the type of grammar lessons that the Spanish students undertake in Spain.

You will learn the language like if you were native speaker, from a native speaker!


Prices for these lessons are around 40 zl/hour, depending on level and the number of students (minimum of 25 zl/hour).

Classes are taught in English or Spanish.

Other Lessons

I offer a wide range of lessons along the field of Computer Science. Starting by programming (C, C++, Java, Web languages (HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript), PostgreSQL, MySQL and some more), Computer networks, Computer Architectures, etcetera. If you are interested in learning another subject you can ask me about it by sending me an e-mail.


Prices for this lessons are around 50 zl/hour, depends on subject and the number of students (minimum of 25 zl/hour).

Classes are taught in English or Spanish.

Who am I?

I am a 24 year old Spanish student who is currently following an Erasmus program (International Exchange Program) in Krakow, Poland.

I am born and raised in Vigo, Spain. Vigo is an important city in Galicia, a Spanish region. My mother tongue is Spanish and I speak English fluently, but since I am from Galicia I also know how to speak Galician, the other official language in my region. Other languages I can understand are Portuguese and Italian. I know some polish, not that much though.

My personality can be defined as a friendly, comprehensive, patient and cheerful person. As a teacher I am a patient person who like to teach by alternating between learning you the rules of the languages and using examples.

"Anyone can make simple things complicated, making complicated things simple, that is the difficulty."

My studies and experience

In Spain I did my high school, I finished my bachelor program in Computer Sciences (at the Universidad de Vigo (UVIGO)) and I did a 2 year superior technical course of DAI (Development of Informatics Applications). I am currently studying at Politechnika Krakowska to finish my last year of Informatics Engineering.

I know Spanish language very good as i am a native speaker. My studies are backed by the normal studies in Spain (we study Spanish language in school since 6 years old till 18). I am also an autodidact person. I liked computers since I was a kid and I defend myself very well with computers.

As an example, I created the website you are visiting now from scratch with the use of a text editor. I did the same for a driving school,"Celeris Escuela de Conduccion" but I also used some scripts to get blogs already formed like "La Caverna del Estudiante".
Private tutoring is not a new thing for me, I already did private tutoring in Spain for JavaScript to a student and I always helped classmates with some lectures.

Private Tutoring. Spanish lessons and more.

Aleja Zygmunta Krasinskiego Number 24 A. Door 11.
Krakow, Malopolskie CP: 30101.
Tel: +48 536 76 77 69

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